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You’ve been hit! Mid-life crisis????

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I got an interest on this when I started noticing some changes on me. I tried giving myself  some space and have withdrawn myself from my usual “go-getter” mode to have a better grip of what’s happening. I was feeling abit lost. I just can’t understand why despite the opportunities and accomplishments I have had, I feel that there is still lacking. Then it hit me —- Mid-life crisis!



New beginnings

Why am I  still single?

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This question has been asked gazillion times to me! It’s like people are just surprised that I am still single!?! Sometimes it’s flattering but more often it’s a bit annoying. Ironically, back […]


Adventures @40

Tindering @ 40!

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Surprised?! hahaha Yes! Believe it  or not…. I have done this and still doing it! (shhhhh, that’s our little secret!). The truth is, it’s amusing, entertaining and flattering. My matches are just […]


New beginnings

What is important?

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Remember that failure is not the “END” , but it is the fertilizer to our growth


New beginnings

I am surrounded by Addicts…

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Can you just imagine yourself living in a place where you are surrounded by Addicts? It’s just too difficult to imagine, right? Now what if you are actually living in that community where everyone is an addict? Can you survive?


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