This year has been the toughest. Yet I would have to say that it also opened a new path for me to tread on.

Yes, this is the worst – awesome year ever!

So what happened? Well to start with, my 7 year relationship with the man who can’t commit finally ended; I had a major career shift; going on dating apps and dating, reunited with good old friends; started writing my very own blog; had to go thru a surgery and too many to mention — you know things I would want to do ever since but wasn’t brave enough or just simply didn’t had the chance to try — and yes, I did it all this year! Wuhooo! 

2018 had taught me so much and I’d like to share these to you.

Here it is:

  1. Let Go and Let God!  — Most of the time we hold on too tight on things we are used to; or probably afraid to lose grip with. And just because we are too focused on our hand, we tend to forget that it is not only us that makes the decision for every circumstance. Sometimes things change unexpectedly and more often it does not conform to what we wanted. And most of the time we struggle to fight back to make it the way it used to be or make the situation as what we expected. And the more we fight, the more we grew sad, confused, angry, betrayed and alone. It just gets worst! I just realized that there are battles in life that we lose, and in order to recover from it —- you must admit that you lose! Just letting go of whatever it is that you fight for! May it be your pride, your finances, your ex, your friendship, etc… —– Just let it go! Release it and pass it onto God! Remember that this is not the only battle we will face in our lifetime. Some battles are meant to be victorious, but there are battles that we lose as well,  so let God do His work for us.
  2. Struggles in life are symptoms that you are meant to be AWESOME! — Have you ever told yourself, “why does it have to happen to me?”  “why me?” “why is it always me?” We think that just because we experience more problems than the others, we feel like we are cursed or the unfavored by God. It’s not true at all! Just remember the story of Joseph in the bible when he was still a kid. He was maltreated by his brothers because they were all jealous of him. He was pushed in a pit and was sold as a slave to a Pharaoh’s Chief Steward. Joseph’s misfortune didn’t end there. He was falsely accused of raping the wife of his master when he refused to sleep with her. And because of that he got imprisoned. It took awhile before he got out. He endured every misfortune that came to him and in the end he was victorious! He became almost equal as the Pharaoh and was designated to manage the whole land. Isn’t it great?! From slave to Kingship! How is that! So next time you will feel unfavored by God — remember the story of Joseph, remember that every circumstance is just God’s way to make you awesome!
  3. Flaws are normal — Yes, it is! So don’t be afraid to show it. Stay true to yourself. It is by truly accepting who we are that makes us really content and happy. It is high time to remove those masks and show the real you.
  4. I am not perfect, neither are you — So never ever judge anyone.
  5. If you think you are above everyone, think again — We breathe the same air and walk on the same ground, that should be enough for us to know that we are all equal.
  6. Wisdom does not come through age, but through experience. You maybe old, but it doesn’t give you the title of being wise.
  7. Learning from experience means understanding it’s very purpose to your life; not avoiding the circumstance but embracing the truth that lies within.
  8. Present tense — Sometimes it frightens us to think of the future. But the reality is, it is more frightening if we do not live at the present and let our power to pilot our future slip in our very hand as we worry of what’s to come.
  9. If you feel like losing hope, pray. If you still feel the same, pray harder. 

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