The Big Leap!

It’s never too late to learn new tricks!


When I was a young professional I have always hated sales. In my head, I just felt the requirement for that work is just too difficult. Talking to people and getting rejection is not something I would have want for my career. As a Computer Engineer graduate, I pursued working as Management Trainee in one of the biggest company in the industry. I have been part of a pioneering team in 1999 developing the very first automated retail application which uses barcode. It was huge during that time. We have been working day and night just to ensure that we hit the target date of launch. Because of this routine, I grew tired and overwhelmed with the amount of work we had. I was young and arrogant back then and without any thoughts, I resigned. The next thing I knew I was having a hard time applying for the same job. I would always reach the final interview but then the company would always choose the guy next to me. And because of my desperation to get a work, I was willing to take on whatever job there is available. And by God’s grace, a friend of mine, referred me to apply in a Pharma company where she also works as a Medical Representative. At first, I was kinda scared and pessimistic to apply because the job requirement was for sales! But I guess my fear of not having any income was far greater than my fear of sales so I went for it. Little did I know that it was the start of a life changing career shift for me.

180 degrees turn. Yes it was! And surprisingly, despite being a technical person to start with, I made it with flying colors! Moving to different companies and industries has given me rich learnings in acquiring and applying sales and marketing techniques in different perspective.
Success has always been part of my career journey that inspired me to go for more! And so in 2014, I started accepting Consultancy work for various company. I was exposed to more dynamic environment combining sales, digital marketing, finance, data science and technology. It was fascinating! I enrolled to several courses and certification to guide me further as I do my consultancy work. The results was more than I expected! I started working with start-up companies in growing their business. And in a span of 4 years, I have helped 8 start-ups and they are all flying off!
2016 was also a breakthrough. I was introduced to the business of wealth management and became a licensed Financial Consultant the same year. I would say that this business took my sales experience to the nth level. I like how it turned around my mindset from selling more to earn more, to educate more to help more to earn more income, more friends and become a family to them. It wasn’t all about the income, but to see how I have changed the lives of my clients by helping them to secure their future and the future of their love ones was enough reason for me stay on this business and do more. And surprisingly, without realizing, my earnings grew more than I expected and has been a continuous source of my passive income for the past 2 years.
The goal. My goal is to help more companies and individual in achieving their success in finance or in simply growing their business through strategic digital marketing, data science, and useful trend — creating a powerful, massive online community that will build the brand and create a self-sustaining “marketing chain” that will lead to achieving the sales goal.

About the Author

Energetic and goal-driven Strategist; Sales and Digital Marketing, Data Science and E-commerce enthusiast with 18 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and Product Development in various industries such as: IT, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Telco, Insurance and Advertising Industry.

Graduate of B.S. Computer Engineering in University of the Philippines Diliman with continuing Masteral Studies of Data Analytics in Computer Engineering at New Hampshire University Boston.

Certificates acquired:

  • Data Science and Machine Learning BootCamp
  • Master Digital Marketing
  • Complete Phyton Bootcamp
  • Complete Javascript Course
  • Complete Web Developer Course
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