You can really feel that christmas is just around the corner when you hear Jose Mari Chan’s songs… “Let sing Merry Christmas… and Happy Holiday…. “  , definitely classic!

But you know what, this year might be my saddest christmas. (Inhale,  Exhale… ).  I never thought I will end up like this. For the first time for sooooo  long, it will only be me on this special occasion. Not to mention the upcoming New Year celebration and few disappointment in my professional career. (Inhale,  Exhale…again!). 

I could recall how great it was in the previous years with the joy I had in celebrating Christmas, it was nothing extravagant, but it was the way I always wanted —- spending it with my family and with someone very dear to my heart. With all joy in our hearts we celebrate the true meaning of this occasion.

Now, everything is different. I just lost so many things this year and it seems that it will never be the same. (Inhale,  Exhale…again and again sabay singhot! nakakaiyak!). 

I remember watching this movie in Netflix where despite not believing, the boy wrote a letter to Santa and his wish was granted on Christmas day. And with that inspiration I am writing this, in hopes that Santa would be able to read this and grand my wish.

So here it goes.

Dear Santa,

I’m not sure if you will ever read this but if you do, make my wish come true!

This year I’m not so sure if I have been a good girl but I always try to be nice to everyone. And I hope that would count the most.

As Christmas is approaching fast, I wish for these 3 gifts on Christmas day! Well I’m also ok if you make it in advance. I don’t mind 😂

  1. Santa please tell my future husband, if I have already met him, to not give up on me and make him send me a Christmas card with a red balloon to confirm. If I haven’t met him, then tell him to hurry, and make us meet the soonest in the place where I usually run whenever I have a troubled mind. Make him wear an orange shirt to confirm. Remember, it shouldn’t go beyond December 25.
  2. Santa I want the gift of happiness. For whatever it truly means.
  3. And lastly, I want the give of serenity, to accept the things I cannot change and the things that I can.

That would be all Santa! May you continue to spread the love to everyone!

Love lots,




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