Oh yes, not all people or companies understand the kind of work we have. Most of the time they are confined with the “norm” of working from 8 to 5 or 9 to 6 or whatever it is being imposed. But you see, this kind of work needs inspiration, concentration (lots of it really) and emotion. You see, when we strategize, or build contents to write, or concepts to launch, it’s not as simple as 1+1 = 2,  creative people needs to be at the right  “moment” to unleash its creativeness!

It may sound a little crazy but it is true! There are moments that we can accomplish things almost instantly if we are in that moment, or sometimes it will take us days or weeks just to be at that right “moment”.

Explanation for that? I’m not really sure. But I am like that.

In my experience as a Strategist, I would say the results of my work varies on the kind of moment I am at. And bottom line is, the results are always best when I am at that right “moment”.

So how do we get to that right moment? Well it is when we have all the time by ourselves, or perhaps just after rolling in the bed back and forth, or probably after watching a good feel movie in netflix, and more often, when all are asleep that’s when the right “moment” of creativeness comes out! Although through the years, I have learned to force myself to be in that right “moment” but the “forced”and “naturally” being there in that state still brings about different results.

So if you’re  a boss, don’t be mad at your creative staff if they are slouching at work or always going out on breaks — just as long as they meet their deadline, be nice to them. The kind of merit these people deserve shouldn’t be based on the amount of time they spend on the office, but on the quality of work they produce. People like them are the very reason why we have civilization.

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