Dahil sa maraming nagrerequest, here are few tips in making it through dating apps! (By the way, this is purely based on my experience and not necessarily coming from someone expert ha!)

  1. If you want to start your journey peacefully —- NEVER NEVER ever announce to your social media accounts, friends or any platform that you are in the dating app! — unless they are your close close friend and also using the dating app otherwise don’t!
  2. Select atleast 5 great photos — as in good ones! Your photos should be classy, natural looking and somehow would describe who you are as a person. If you like travelling, then you should have one pic showing that you are in one of the places you visited. Or if you like sports, you should have a pic that shows your doing one. So the big NO – NO’s in photos are:  nudity, too much filters, photoshopped, foul hand gestures and catfishing! – it means you’re using pictures of other people and  pretend that you are them.
  3. Make an effort in building your profile. What I mean by that, is you should really sit down and think about what you will put on your profile. Your description should be simple and brief so you won’t bore the guys or gals who will view your profile. But make sure it’s also meaningful — in a sense that you will be able to share your personality and who you really are. Here, I’ll give you an example:   “I am fond of any outdoor sports, nature, travelling, good feel movies, Words-capes, God, dogs, beer, and running.”   – with this, I am able to let my possible match to know that I am into sports, travelling etc., and that I value God which means I’m not there for any hanky panky activity. Also make sure that you put your preferences in finding a match — it’s like a filter where you indicate what exactly you are looking for in a match like their gender, location, race, religion, etc.
  4. When selecting someone in the app, don’t just look at their photos. Make sure to make an effort in reading their profiles as well. For all you know, they also made an effort building it so you may want to check it as well. The profile are very helpful because it can give so much valuable information about the person. You can find the university which they graduated from or the kind of work they do or even their purpose why they are in the app and so on. In case there isn’t much information, then I leave the decision to you. But for me, I skip those who don’t have much info because it just doesn’t feel right. It’s too difficult to gauge whether the person is real or not. So I just skip them.
  5. Make sure you turn off the notification of your dating app. I’m telling you, that it can be hilariously embarrassing if you don’t! — especially if you are the in office or in a meeting. Remember that their notification sound is pretty much distinguishing. So to be safe, just turn the gaddamn notification off! (You can do that in the settings of your app).
  6. NEVER put your mobile number or address in your profile unless you want to put your life in deep shit! Remember that there are a lot of people using it and you just don’t know if there’s a psychopath there. So be careful in putting out your information. You can share your number privately thru chat. And that’s how it works!
  7. It’s optional to connect your IG – Instagram and Spotify account to your profile. But if you’re not comfortable then don’t! Others find it cool, so they can really share who they are to their possible match. But if I were you, for IG, you can connect it but make sure your IG account is in “Private” setting. In that way, you still have the control who will be able to view your pics in your IG account. The idea here is for you to be at the top of everything!

If you would like to explore this idea, here are some popular dating apps that I have tried so far:

The first one, runs on both desktop and mobile,  while the second one is in mobile only. Signing up is easy if you have a facebook account. Otherwise, you need to type in all your information.

If you opt to use your facebook account in signing up, don’t worry since the app only fetches few information like your first name and if you have school or work info. You can always edit that information in your account in the dating app and you will also have the control on what people can see in your profile.

Lastly, these dating apps works only if you have the internet connectivity and gps on. So I suggest just do it at home where you have a wifi and lots of privacy!😉

I hope this helps!

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