Do you know the feeling of relief and excitement upon getting the right answer to a math equation you have been trying to solve for an hour?  Proud moment isn’t? We’ll that’s exactly what I feel right now! I’m like a kid pulling one arm down and the other raised up high while shouting, ” YES! I figured it out! “

My vision is far more clearer this time. I now understand what fuels me. And I want it! and I will work hard in getting it!

I know my past articles was about my adventure in finding the right “one”. Well, I guess it was an episode in my life when I thought the grey area in me was a space meant to be filled by someone special. But I couldn’t deny the fact that this adventure have brought spikes of excitement in me —- but it wasn’t really the “thing” I was looking for.

I think I got carried away too much when my 7-year relationship ended. And everything I did just evolved on it — like recovering from a dreadful break-up, secluding myself away from people who cares, and stopped doing things I am really great at. I began to be so sensitive to many things — not really my type, but yes I was like that during those confusing times.

The truth is, I was tired of everything! It wasn’t just about my break-up, but every single part of me! I was tired! I just couldn’t take the same old routine — work here, work there, date here, date there, socialize, smile even if you’re sad or pissed off,  look tough so people who depends on you won’t know something is wrong, and give advice even if I was the one needing it most!  I just lost my purpose in all of the things I am doing! I am lost and I don’t know where my efforts are leading me. I am like a sailboat in a vast ocean with no steering wheel, just going where the wind blows.

I was terrified! I don’t want my life nor the life of the people who depends on me be carried with the same fate. So I tried my best to recover from this and took time to understand what I was really going through. I prayed hard to God to guide me. And true enough, He answered my prayers.

The answer was, “just do what I love to do and be awesome in doing it!” Wow! that was the most amazing thing that hit me!  I have been hearing this for a long time but it was only that moment when I was praying that this sentence made sense to me. I thought it was just simple but it has a deeper meaning and bigger impact in my life.

Doing what I love to do and being awesome in it only means I have to cut all the other things that doesn’t make me happy and just focus my energy on things I love to do! Like this blog for instance!


And I have cut them all! Yes! I am embracing what I love! JOY IN SERVING GOD, UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES, UNLIMITED INCOME, FREEDOM IN CREATIVITY, TRUE FRIENDS and just a bonus, if GOD will provide, my TRUE LOVE! (But this is not my priority,  I don’t give a f*$k if I am 40! so please don’t judge me!) 

How about you? Have you found your answers?  I wanna hear your thoughts! Write me! Post some comments below!

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