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Let me share to you this story of Gaby who just recently got a new phone. He got it as a give-away present from their company’s 40th anniversary. He started operating the phone but didn’t find any interest. He decided to return it to its box and kept it to his drawer. It wasn’t necessary to use it because he still have his old phone. Besides, he was thinking that the phone he got was no match to his, as it cost him a month’s paycheck to buy it. “Surely our company wouldn’t give something expensive as give away!”, he whispered.

One day, when he was going to the parking area, he began to notice from a far a dent on his car. He started running and upon reaching his car, he bent to examine it closer. There was a big dent on the door of the driver’s side and it seems that the car parked next to it  accidentally hit it. But there was no one to blame because the car wasn’t there anymore and there were no witnesses nor cctv in the area. So with much frustration, he just went inside his car and started the engine and drove away.

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While driving he reached for his phone in his pocket but it wasn’t there. He pulled over and searched his bag but it wasn’t there either! So he began to drove back to his office to check if he left it there. Though he remembered it carrying with him upon leaving the office building.

Upon reaching their office’s parking area he saw something on the ground. It was like a piece of a broken gadget. He took a closer look and couldn’t believe that it was his missing phone! It could have fell from his pocket when he ran earlier to check his car and perhaps have ran over it! “Damn it! ”  — were the only words he was able to utter before driving away.

After having dinner, he went inside his room. He lay on his bed, his back laid flat, arms crossed over his forehead while staring at the ceiling with disappointment. “How in the world can I contact my clients?” “And ohhhh, the photos, and other important documents stored in my phone! ”  Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Then suddenly he remembered he had a new phone from his company. But doubts was still in his head that it can’t be as good as his old phone. He was just so used to it and thought of buying the same kind if only he had the cash. But since he doesn’t have any choice that time, he used the new phone anyway.

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He was having a hard time adjusting to it that he just used the functions he know  – call, sms, photo and video that’s it.

Days went by. It was again the time of the year where all employees of their company are gathered in the hall to give recognition to the outstanding employee. They called “Kevin” ,  a topnotch Sales Manager and the bestfriend of Gaby to receive this recognition. Everyone was clapping their hands as Kevin walked in front. He waved to his friends with enthusiasm and excitement. He was given a certificate and check worth $10,000.00. And Gaby was just so proud! Kevin then, began to give his inspiring words to his colleagues. He began thanking their company especially the give-away present he received during their anniversary — the phone, yes, the same kind Gaby had received. Kevin mentioned that he googled it because the brand was quite unfamiliar and he was just so grateful to received such — a very expensive, hi-tech phone that allows you to bring your work anywhere, plus its worth 3 months of his paycheck! That was indeed the secret that made him succeed in his work and was inspired to work harder. Kevin said, if this company can give me this much for free without doing anything yet, how much more if I do my best and be given a reward for it!

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Gaby was so surprise to hear this and got the phone from his pocket. “Oh wow, all this time, I thought this is a dumb phone! “, he whispered in his head. After Kevin’s speech Gaby approached Kevin to teach him how to navigate to his phone he had received from the company. And just after few weeks, Gaby’s performance skyrocketed!


Sometimes our faith to God can be compared to the attitude of Gaby towards his new phone — reluctant, close-minded and impatient. God’s provision on the hand, can be illustrated like the new phone, it is relative to how great we think it is in our life. If we didn’t think that God can do great things just like Gaby towards his new phone, then the blessings is just limited to what we know — not fully realizing the greatness of its power!

Kevin is the opposite, he know how valuable the gift he was given by making an effort in researching what it is. He knew it was exactly what he needed.  He used it to finish his work with excellence therefore giving him the recognition he deserves.

REMEMBER what Jesus said to the blind men who came to him —- “According to your faith let it be done for you.” Matt. 9:29

So, which one are you — Gaby or Kevin? The choice is yours to make today.


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