Oh yeah! Madalas ka bang napagkakamalan na 30+ or 20+? Then welcome to the club! Sabi nga, 40 is the new 20!

Pero sa totoo lang the struggle is real! Kahit uminom ka lang ng tubig eh parang bigla ka ng tumaba! Di ba!!! Sinong nakakarelate dito???

Pero ano nga ba ang secreto in staying young?

I made a little research and asked few of the people i admire who still look gorgeous at their age. Nakakatuwa kase ang daming similarity ng mga sagot nila. At eto yun:

10 Things you need to know to stay young!

  1. Be hydrated! Consume atleast 2 liters of water a day.
  2. Get enough sleep at least 8 hours daily.
  3. Limit alcohol intake (inshort bawal na maging tumador!)
  4. Always be happy even if there’s no reason to. (Kaya kahit sawi sa pag-ibig tuloy ang ligaya!)
  5. Surround yourself with young people! For all you know you can also get their youthful vibes.
  6. Say NO to softdrinks and YES to lemon water!
  7. Eat lots of green leafy vegetable! Green leafy vegetable can prevent graying of hair.
  8. Exercise! Kung hindi kaya, atleast have 1-2 sessions in a week whether walking or running lang.
  9. NO to STRESS! If you’re single sabi stay single, pero if you’re married, stay married. And that will make your life simple… therefore walang stress!
  10. Keep your metabolic rate normal! —– Some use MB – Metabolism Boosters just to reset their metabolic rate. Most of the reason of sickness and aging is because of the “Metabolic syndrome”. Dahil sa mga kinakain natin or lifestyle, naiiba na yung metabolic rate natin. And in order to maintain a good metabolic rate, you really need to have a healthy lifestyle. But this is not always possible to many of us. Therefore, we need help like the MB. (Feel free to message me so I can provide you more information about MB or click this link).

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