“Hello (my tinder name!)”  as he waved his hands on the camera.  Gosshhhhh!!! He is so gwapo!! He looks the same in the recent photos he sent! 😍 100% LEGIT!!! Yes! Thank you God! “Hello Kuya Honey!”

He too on the other hand got pretty much excited when he saw me live on the video call. He kept saying that he really likes my eyes and how I smiled and that I look even better in person than my photos… hehehe. Another thing that surprised me is that, he brought about me wearing spaghetti strapped blouse while travelling. Aba concern ang lolo mo. He said he knows how men thinks and what I was wearing can really get their attention. I think he realized that he went beyond his boundary and apologized quickly, sabay sabi, “Pasensya ka na ha, medyo territorial kase ako, ayoko na tinitingnan ng iba yung gusto ko.”  I was speechless. In my head, I was screaming, “I LOVE YOU NA KUYA HONEY! “

He’s like my ex who is very particular with the clothes I wear in public, yung tipong super protective ganyan. Ayaw ng masyadong revealing, gusto niya siya lang nakakita ng mga magagandang bagay hahahaha. And I liked it! Gusto ko yung feeling na he is protecting me kahit wala sya sa tabi ko, ganon! So to console him, I said that I intend to wear my blazer naman in the airport.

HAYYYY KAKILIG TO THE MAX!!! Wala akong masabi kundi, my expectations were met! He is exactly how I imagined he was. Walang labis, walang kulang.

So we talked and talked until I reached the airport. We ended the call for awhile when I was about to checked in, but continued our call until I got in the plane. We were like magnet to each other. Grabe! And for the first time after so long, I felt a spark in my heart….


I arrived in my destination and went straight to the hotel. His offline messages came thru the moment we landed. I replied to him, and funny thing is, he was still online and was really waiting for me to reply. I got in the hotel and told him that I will be meeting with my colleagues and have dinner. I told him I wouldn’t be able to message him in respect to them — syempre pa, baka sabihin anti-social ako — I said I’ll just message once I’m back in the hotel. So ayun.

I was so tired after the dinner that I decided to head straight to my room in the hotel to rest. I was sleeping when the phone rang.  I tried ignoring it, but my phone’s ringtone was just too loud to ignore. I was struggling to open my eyes as I reach my phone. I answered my phone without looking who it was. I heard a familiar voice. It is Kuya Honey!

Me: Ohhh bakit? Anong oras na ba?

Kuya Honey: Mga 1 am na dyan.

Me: Ahh ok. So why are you calling me at this hour? 

Kuya Honey: Sorry ha, I got really worried when you didn’t message me. Hindi ko mapigilan na hindi ka tawagan to find out what happened to you. I wasn’t exactly expecting that you will answer my call. Nagbakasakali lang ako.

Me: Ohh ok. Napagod na kase ako kaya nakatulog na ako agad. Nasan ka ba? 

Kuya Honey:  I’m at work. 

Me: Work? Ganitong oras? Ano yan call center?

Kuya Honey: (Laughed) Hindi ah, basta hirap explain. Andito ako sa office ko. 

Me: Talaga, on mo nga yung video mo.

Kuya Honey: O cge, wait. (He turned on his video cam).  Ayan!

Me: Ahh ok, parang hindi naman yan pinas. Are you sure nasa Norte ka lang?

Kuya Honey: (Laughed again but this time he didn’t answered me)

Suddenly there are 2 foreign looking guys that was caught in the video behind him.

Me: Wala ka sa Pilipinas! San kanaman na kakita na mga katrabaho mo mga foreigner. 

Kuya Honey: (Laughed again!) 

Me: Nasa CANADA ka noh!

Kuya Honey: Smiled and nodded.

Me: Wow ha! kaya naman pala! Sabi ko na nga ba eh. (I was abit disappointed to know that he lied to me, feeling ko tuloy lahat nalang ng mga napag usapan namin are all lies).

In my disappointment, I said I’ll be going back to sleep kahit nagising na buong kaluluwa ko. I really hated him for doing a stunt like that. Alam mo yun, kung kelan gustong gusto mo yung tao, sabay may ganyang eksena.

Anyway, I think Kuya Honey felt how frustrated I was. He tried calling back several times in the attempt to explain his side, but I just cancelled his call. I’ve put my phone on silent mode so I won’t be bothered by his calls or messages.

Morning came and I’m feeling abit heavy. Ano ba to? Why am I so affected like this? Hay nako,  I checked my phone and saw Kuya Honey’s messages and missed calls.  Masyado naman nadurog ang puso ko sa mga nabasa ko.  I decided to reply thinking that what I did was abit too much.

And just when I was typing my response to him, my phone rang — It’s Kuya Honey…

To be continued…

Kiss and make-up – Tindering @40 The Saga continues…

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