I answered his call.

Kuya Honey:  I’m sorry. It’s not my intention to lie. Kaya lang napasubo na ako eh. Nasabi ko na na nandyan ako kaya pinanindigan ko na. Yun lang naman ang hindi totoo sa lahat ng sinabi ko — kung nasan ako. And that’s the truth. Please give me another chance. I really feel bad about this whole thing. And also the reason I called last night is to little by little give you hints that I’m here in Canada and not there so you know that I’m not making excuses whenever you ask me when are we  meeting in person.

Alam ko naman na maraming nagkakagusto sayo. I just want to have a fair chance even if I’m not there that’s why as much as I can, I will spend my time with you kahit sa calls lang. I will not do this if I really don’t like you. So please don’t be mad. Kung nandyan lang ako, I will not think twice, pinuntahan na kita. I really like you and I’m sorry if I lied about my location.

Me: Ok basta huwag mo nalang gawin ulit sa susunod kase wala ng 2nd chance kapag ganon ok? 

Kuya Honey:  Ok po! Thanks Hon! Ooopps, can I just call you Hon? Parang feeling ko kase ikaw na talaga yung honey ko eh. Kung nandyan lang ako niyakap na kita. 

Me:  Hahaha talaga ha, (Kilig naman ako)

Kuya Honey:  Oo naman. Siguro ang sarap mong yakapin. Nakakagigil ka talaga! 

Me:  (Kilig!!!)

Despite na nagbati kami ni Kuya Honey, I still had doubts in him. I wasn’t sure if he was really being truthful so I thought of opening my doors to other suitors. Pero iba parin talaga datingan ni Kuya Honey.  Kung baga, sya parin ang Valedictorian sa puso ko. He was very consistent. Calling me day and night. And everyday I get to talk to him, the more I fell in love with Kuya Honey.

To be fair about it, I had to call it off with my 3 other suitors. Syempre unfair naman yun sa kanila. I have to let them know that I’m not interested in pushing forward.

I’m all eyes to  Kuya Honey! I was like enchanted by this man — this is the first time I had a strong feeling of liking someone I haven’t really met in person. Day by day, talking to him over the phone just gets so exciting. Inaabangan ko na lagi ang tawag nya. We eventually progressed to having mutual understanding and treating each other like we were in a boyfriend – girlfriend relationship. We didn’t really labelled it, but we were both on the same page with our feelings for each other.

We continued our sweet “phonescapade”  — day and night, for almost a month, until he said that news that he is finally coming here.

Kuya Honey:  Hon, matutuloy ako ng uwi ng Pinas  2 weeks from now.  I hope you can spend time with me the whole duration I’m there. Gusto ko sana makasama kita lagi. Pwede ba yun?

Me:  Ilang days ka ba dito? 

Kuya Honey:  I’ll be staying there for 2 weeks. Ikaw lang pupuntahan ko dyan Hon. I won’t let my family know that I’m coming. Kase if they found out, I will have to spend most of time with them. Eh gusto ko lang naman makasama kita. Yung eenjoy lang ang panahon with you. 

Me: (Kinilig nanaman ako) Ok, I’ll fix my schedule. 

Kuya Honey:  Will you stay with me if I’m there? 

Me:  Yes I will.

Kuya Honey:  You made me the happiest person hon, I love you!

Days passed by so quickly at hindi ko namamalayan na 2 days nalang darating na si Kuya Honey ko! Wow! I was so excited — even my Dora friends we’re all excited for me.

Another day passed… one night to go before the big day. I went to bed a little bit late than my usual time to sleep. I had a message from him that he already boarded his plane from Canada and will be arriving to another asian country by 2pm the following day for a stop over. 9pm he will be arriving at the PH Airport.

This is it! Pero bakit ganon, I wasn’t too excited as I expect myself to be. Siguro pagod lang ako. So I went to sleep.

7am. The sun was up! I woke up feeling tired. I remembered having this odd dream.

In my dream I saw Kuya Honey. I was hugging him but he turned and walked away. That scene just kept on playing in my head. I just couldn’t understand what was that. And what makes it more weird is that, I had the same dream the night before.


To be continued…

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