Time: 12:48 PM

It’s past lunch and here I am sitting in front of my study table. . I woke up about 11am. My phone was making noise because of all the notifications I have been getting — greetings, friend requests, messages from people I don’t know and posts from acquaintances. I oblige myself to greet them back but decided not to respond to those people I don’t know. I’m usually the friendly type but this time, I just don’t feel like doing my usual thing.

I turned on my marshall bluetooth speaker and hit the full volume; grabbed my iphone, scrolled thru my spotify app and played the “Girl’s Night” playlist. The first song played was “Shout Out to My Ex”. Ohhhh yeah, I am pumped up! I scrolled some more, looking at my facebook, and saw articles about 2019 predictions. I am not so sure why, but I am excited for 2019. Somehow I know I own it! Never been excited like this since 2011.  I am convinced that something awesome is about to happen.

Motivated, I stood up, drank my usual morning drink — freshly squeezed cold lemon juice without sugar;  fixed my bed and the parking of my 2 cars — well, I had to fit both in my garage otherwise the other one will be just sitting in the rain.

Then I ate my very first meal — white rice, tuna, and noodle soup — after, I  headed back to my room and sat in my desk with the “Girl’s Night” playlist – “Into You” song  playing; I was like in a trance; with my eyes closed, I am slow dancing to each beat of the song — my brain is thrilled! I opened my macbook — thinking… typing… smiling…






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