I woke up that morning feeling good — not sure if it’s because I dumped this ” A… hole guy” I met in the app or is it because of the thought that I am still desirable??!!! After my 7-year relationship ended, it seems that my confidence level went down on the drains. I thought I’m just another wasted old woman who will never be sought by anyone in my standards simply because they prefer younger women. And  being single for quite sometime made me feel less and less attractive.  So what happened to me  yesterday was a REAL game changer! I just realized that what I was thinking is wrong!


Crazy as it may sound but Yes! I am still desirable! I think one of the good things I got from conversing with Kuya Babes is that, matured men don’t really run after young women to make them as their lifetime partners. They see them as their passing through stage to maturity, you know pangparty babe or pangsexy times lang. The only time they hook up for long with these young women is if they get pregnant but most likely he said, the ending is just separation. And the main reason for most cases is that the girl is not yet mature to handle the situation. This might be not true for all, but what he said seems to makes sense to me. I remembered him saying, mature men tend to look for a lifetime partner  with similar maturity like their mom but with a spice of naughtiness. He described it as the “HOT” version. And me, I am all of that! hahaha PERFECT!


With big smile on my face, I went back to the app and browsed through my matches. Wow! It seems that all the guys I liked, liked me back as well! And guess what? I have so many super likes!!! hahaha Ako na!  So this time, I had to be careful in choosing — I checked their profile first before replying to their messages. And there! I found a another cute Kuya Tinder that seems to be matching my standard — Same University, Professional, Mature, Pogi, Kalbo, Matangkad at hindi wrong spelling sa text! PERFECT!

So I messaged him and eventually we both agreed to meet 7pm that night. After that, I called Dora 1.

Me: “Bakla! Hinalikan ako ni Kuya Babes kagabi! Parang gago lang hahaha! “

Dora 1: ”  Halik lang? Eh baket parang kinikilig ka? Ano ba yan, pabebe ka! Nag aalala pa naman ako sayo kagabe. Hindi ka man lang nagtext or tumawag. So bet mo na si Kuya Babes noh? Kinikilig ang potah!  “

Me: “Sira! Syempre eh ngayon lang ulet nakatikim, medyo malas lang kase panis! Hahahaha Pero diko talaga type si Kuya Babes. Diko kinakaya mga trip nya, kakaiba eh, dinaig pa si Robin Padilla sa mga “the moves” nya. Anyway, may bago naman akong imemeet. Punta ka dito sa dorm dali! Samahan mo din ako sa salon. Yoko na ng blonde hair, balik ko na yung dating color ng hair ko ulit. “

Dora 1: ” Sosyala ka! Ikaw na makahada ng dates! Hindi ka rin adik anoh? Sunod sunod talaga! Hosha! Pakita mo saken yang photo ni Kuya Tinder 2 ng mahusgahan mamaya. See you!”

So I met with Dora 1 and went to the salon where we continued our chickahan.

Dora 1: ” Bakla sumesexy ka! Saka bat ang ganda ganda mo ngyon? I woke up like this lang ang peg ah! Kakaiba ha! Ikaw na talaga! Tama yan! Gamitin mong inspiration yang mga boys na yan. I’m sure in no time makakalimutan mo na rin yang ex mo. Huwag ka na dun ha! Utang na loob “

Me: ” Oo nga eh. Pero nakakatuwa lang noh? (**kilig*) “

Time passed. After our hair was done, Dora 1 and I parted.  I went back to my dorm and worked on my reports for the office. I was so engrossed with what I’m doing when I saw my watch,  it’s already 6pm! Good heavens! I’m meeting Kuya Tinder 2 at 7pm and I’m not yet ready! So I quickly closed my laptop and headed straight to the shower. Kaso problema ko ulit what to wear. Hmmm, we’ll since this is just a casual dinner, I’ll just wear my heels paired with torn jeans and formal tops. Pak na to!

7pm. I was still doing my make up when he messaged me that he is already in the area. So I hurried and went down to check him.  I saw this high-end sedan car parked on the other side of the street. I was hesitant to approach it since I wasn’t sure if that was Kuya Tinder 2. The driver’s side-door opened and there I saw him, sa kanya nga yung magarang car. He stepped out to approach me. He was tall and gorgeous looking in his white polo barong. I can smell his perfume as he gets near. Ang sosyal ng amoy! (Perfect!!!)

He greeted me, and his face was all smile to me. I can feel that he was a bit nervous, and I think it was kinda cute for a guy his age, hehehe. So I went with him and hopped on his car. He took me to this nice restaurant in Edsa Shangrila. Infairness may taste si Kuya Tinder 2. And the way I see it, di hamak na mas refine kesa kay Kuya Babes.

To give you a bit of a background of Kuya Tinder 2, well he is 40 yearsold, and came from the same university where I graduated from. We have the same expertise and industry. He doesn’t have any kids but he was married. He’s planning to file for annulment once he found the right person to marry again. He just simply don’t want to spend for something he is not sure he will be able to use. So inshort medyo sigurista din si Kuya Tinder 2 at gusto lahat may benefit sa kanya kapag pinagkagastusan nya. He’s family naman is super religious. Close Catholic as he describes it. He even have relatives who works in the Parish.

So while waiting for our food to be served kwentuhan muna kami. I can see that he is nervous but at the same time his eyes were shouting with happiness. But of course, I was really curious to know how he feels about meeting me. So I asked him.

Just about he was going to answer my question, he looked at me with teary eyes and smiled….

To be continued…

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