What an awesome day it is! Today I have a very moving message from God. I just couldn’t help but kneel down and cry knowing what He had given me. I am blessed to witness and experience His overflowing grace in my life!

Let me share to you the highlights of my readings today (Day 12):

Scripture Reading: Psalm 22, Psalm 23, Proverbs 12, John 13

Have you ever wonder the importance of water? Why is it essential to life? Let’s take a closer look of what it does in our daily life.

  • Water cleanses our body from dirt
  • Water helps us when we brush our teeth
  • Water helps us detoxify our body
  • Water helps us to excrete waste of our body
  • Water simply helps us in cleaning everything — our house, floor, windows, cars, pets, etc.
  • Water helps us to absorb the food and medicine that would nourish and heal our body!
  • Water brings life to plants and serves as the home of the fishes which are also sources of our daily food so we can live.

Plus whole lot more!

Wow! Isn’t just amazing! Water has so many uses and sometimes, we forget about it and waste it!

This is almost the same with Jesus blood — the only difference to this is that, the supply never ends! It is overflowing and it is so powerful that anyone who takes it, does not only live but is set FREE!

Yes you read it right! WE ARE SET FREE! You may wonder why “set free” when you are already enjoying freedom? Well my friend, that’s the same thought I had. But the truth is even if we call upon Jesus, we are still slaves of many things that we do not know. And most of those are the pain of our past or those people who have hurt us or the secular ambitions we have or perhaps our wealth, reputation or our addiction. It is difficult to see it when the lights are out. Remember the tiny reflectors I shared to you in my last blog? (Life Class – My daily journal Day 11)

Knowing Jesus in our lives is not enough; and accepting Him as our saviour is not sufficient to transform us. It is through understanding the very act He did on the cross that opens the access to the blood shed by Jesus Christ —-  so our eyes may see what must be done to bring in the change to a NEW PERSON — A FULL SURRENDER (as in FULL! Nothing to leave behind!) . Yes surrendering everything to the cross is the only way we can receive the new body, the new life, just as Jesus had when He was resurrected from the dead.

So what does the BLOOD OF JESUS does really?

  • Through His sweat, like drops of blood, we are redeemed from Betrayal
  • Through His Blood shed from the crown of thorns, we lived in Blessings and Prosperity
  • Through the Blood shed from His beard, we recovered our identity
  • Through the Blood shed from His back, we receive healing
  • Through the Blood shed from His hand, we activate both hands to receive gifts from the Holy Spirit.
  • Through the Blood shed from His feet, we found our way to walk with purpose guided by God
  • Through the Blood shed from His heart, we are restored!

Every drop of  blood that Jesus shed has a specific purpose to the fullness of our redemption!

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