My kids just launched their very own FB Page and Youtube Channel  and I’m just so proud of them 🙂


Here’s an overview of their VLOG:

An account of our real-life story on earth
You might be wondering why we call ourselves “Alien Family” when we exactly look like you! Yes, you are correct that we are just like you. But our permanent address is not from here!
Ok ok, let me clarify that. As Christians we are told that our permanent address is in the place where Jesus has prepared for us. I remember what Jesus said that He has prepared mansions for us. But until then, we have a mission to fulfill here on earth and it’s about spreading about this news to everyone, so people will be able to know about this! Yes Jesus is giving off mansions to everyone! How? Just follow Jesus’ map! Where to find that map? It’s actually in the Bible! Can you believe that? It’s like a treasure map going to the City of God!!!
You might be satisfied living here on earth but what God has instore for us is far awesome than what you have have now. So never settle in, this is not yet the Promise Land!
Living in this world is definitely a big challenge, especially now when everything is in fast lane and where everyone is busy with their own business.
And now that we are on this mission, I’d like to show to every one how it’s like to follow the map of Jesus. It’s not that hard as it looks like! The key is to never give up no matter what! And always remember your permanent address. So stay tuned! We hope that my family and I can be a blessing to you all! Come on now! Let’s go to the promise land!

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