I woke up about 7 am.. and  good heavens, I am late for work! I got off my bed and hit the shower. When I came back to my room my phone was frantically making noise. I went to check it and with a deep breath, my eyes rolled! I just couldn’t believe what I saw… “matches”… “messages”! And for the first time after soooo loooong, I got excited again! (You know the kilig moment feels hahaha). But since I was in a hurry, I just quickly browsed thru it and saw this cute guy who made an effort in his message and thought why not give him my viber number. So there, I sent him a message and went on my way to work.

While driving, my phone rang. Unknown number. Hmmm, who could this be. I was thinking this might be one of my clients so I answered. Surprisingly, he was the tinder guy whom I gave my number. So hindi naman sya atat ako makausap ano? hahaha. Well, I entertained his call. He was polite and sounded nice over the phone. Actually I kinda like the way he converse, so alam mo yun naisip ko tuloy….  “pwede” si Kuya, may future ‘to. 

He was very open to me, he talked about his family, his kids and his status. And I like that. Honest man at walang paligoyligoy pa, bihira na yun diba. Well one thing I was off with him is that wrong spelling si kuya in his messages to me, hahaha (judgemental ko.. hahaha). But I ignored it and I thought baka naman typo error lang or that’s his style of messaging… yung parang jeje haha. Anyway, because our conversation was very engaging — imagine, I was chatting with him all throughout the 2 hours duration that I was driving to work — I agreed to have a lunchdate with him that same day since he was persistent and he said he was just stationed near my office. So ayun.

I wasn’t really ready for a date that day — corporate suit, messy hair (wasn’t able to blow dry my hair… kase nga nagmamadali nako), and just a “soso” make up (inshort minadaling make up at kilay), but I said what the heck! Kung di nya ako magustuhan it’s fine. I’m just not into it anymore, besides I’m 40 na noh, so take it or leave it! Huwag ng idamay si Batman! Ako na bahala dito. I can manage! (Tapang ko! haha)

Well to give you a background of my first Kuya Tinder, let’s call him “Kuya Babe”, bilang hindi pa kami eh tawag sakin “Babe”. Lakas din ni Kuya eh hahaha. He’s 42 yearsold and a previous OFW who decided to go back to the Philippines for good to manage his business. He used to be a hotelier daw and aims to open his own bar somewhere in North. He is divorced with 2 kids —  both living with their mom in Canada. He is looking for a serious relationship daw and have been in the app for a week. So ayan sya… di ba. Pwede naman noh?

And now the time came — lunch na! This is it! I was a bit nervous because for the longest time ngayon lang ulit ako lalabas to meet to someone. So I went down in our building and waited in the lobby. Kuya Babe said that he’s going to pick me up. So I waited for about 2 minutes when this sporty car parked in front of our building. Kay Kuya Babe pala yung car, ang gara! So I walk towards his car, but as I step forward, I had hesitations in my head. I was thinking… “Ano ba itong kalokohan ko. Riding in a stranger’s car??! Baka naman kidnapin na ko nito!” His car looked like a bachelor’s car! Pangbinata na pangbinata. And looking at myself wearing my corporate attire… mukha ako nitong cougar. But when he put down the windows and opened the door, I was relieved! Mas mukha naman akong bata kay Kuya Babe, yes! hahaha. After he smiled and greeted me, I hopped in!

We drove off and the first two minutes was kinda awkward. Good thing he broke the silence by giving a funny joke. That made me abit comfortable. Si Kuya Babe pala  nakashorts na torn jeans… tapos naka shades pa. Pero infairness, makinis si Kuya Babe. Maputi sya and smells really good. Nasobrahan ata sa pabango. Pero keri naman na. Matangkad sya na kalbo… my usual type in a guy hehe. He took me to this resto near our office. The place was good. He even said that nafeature pa daw yung place na yun sa TV. Edi wow! hehehe.

So when we were ordering food he asked me what I like… So I browsed through the menu and was looking at the rice meal section when he said, “Miss I’ll have the usual salad I order.. ” OMGEEE! “Whattt???? SALAD LANG SIYA????” So syempre alangan naman ako rice meal tapos sya salad. So I ordered the same. Grabe naman, health conscious pala tong si Kuya Babe kaya pala maganda katawan. Inshort, medyo nagutom ako dito sa lunch date na ito.

So ayun, while waiting for the food, he kept on staring at me. He kept saying, I am beautiful. And he couldn’t believe he met someone like me. Wala na daw hahanapin ang lalaki kase nasakin na ang lahat! (Edi wow! Sabi ko sa isip ko, bigyan ko kaya ng jacket si kuya? hahaha) Infairness, yung pambobola nya eh medyo naaapektuhan naman ako. Kase when I looked in his eyes he seems to be geniune naman. Mukhang tunay naman ang pagnanasa ni kuya babe saken, este paghanga pala.

I was abit surprised that the very reason why he asked to meet me in person is for him to make sure that I was indeed a woman. Sabi ko, “Ha? Baket? ” well apparently he met some who were not really women but transgender. So di peg ni Kuya Babe daw yun. (Edi wow ulit!) And another, bold move that Kuya Babe did was he asked me if I can be his girlfriend na. Sabi niya he really likes me. And he was really happy that he have met me — the way he describe me was, beautiful, intelligent and decent woman. Complete Package na daw ako. Well it was flattering, but it was too fast for me as well. I liked him but not to the point that I want to just jump into into a relationship with him. Saka naman diba, 1st day palang. Di ba pwedeng next week naman ganon? Ang bilis naman kase. And the funny thing was, to prove his sincerity, he opened his phone in front of me and he deleted his Tinder app!

Wow na wow! That was the 2nd bold move he did that day.

To be continued…

The moves – Tindering @40 The Saga continues…

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