It seems that this secret escapades of mine boost my self-confidence and created this new glow on my face. My aura is just radiating! People are literally noticing me. Compliments are just raining everywhere I go! And boy, you should see how men looked at me as I pass by — hahaha, it feels like I am 25 again!

Ohh yess! The attention is just overwhelming! But I have to keep my eyes on the prize!  — To find “THE ONE!”. So far, I have been getting so many matches and most of them are  good looking guys. But this lady can’t be contented so…..  I SWIPE LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT hmmmm RIGHT, and whoah! Found another match!

I looked at his profile and photos — He’s 42 yearsold,  Engineer, average looking, looks neat and seems like a good person. I also noticed that some of his photos weren’t in the right angle, so my guess was, he’s a real man. Sabi nga in one of the articles I read in the internet is that, real men don’t know how to selfie. So pasok sya dun. Syempre pa, ayoko naman ng mas gurly pa kesa saken gaya ni Kuya Tinder 2.  So I think my selection process evolved as I gain more experience on this dating app. Mas gumagaling narin ako sa pagscreen somehow and of course I have set the bar higher!

So I’m down with my last qualifier — and that is if he messaged me first. And to my surprised just minutes after we matched, I got a message from him. He started with “Hello (my tinder name) “ . I thought of postponing my reply but I thought why not reply now? So I messaged him and he was quick to reply and asked about my interests and where I was located. I also asked him the same question. He told me that he was into sports as well — has been part of the Philippine Team in table tennis —  and he’s currently staying somewhere in the north working on a project. After few exchange of messages, he asked if he can call. So I gave him my viber number.

My phone rang and I ran as quickly as I can to my room to make sure nobody will hear us. His voice was deep — parang napaka “manly” huhuhu. Ganda ng boses ni Kuya sa phone. But I noticed that the number he used wasn’t here in the PH. So I asked him, are you sure you are here in the Philippines? He paused for a while and said, “Ahhh is it my number? This is my number when I am in Canada. Nakasanayan ko na rin na gamitin ito but I am currently based here”.  I believed him and shoved off my suspicion.  We talked over the phone for about 2 hours or more. Grabe hindi ko napansin yun ah! Ang sarap nyang kausap. He sounded so articulate and alam mo yun, siya yung parang tipo ng lalake na kaya akong pasunurin. Ewan ko ba, diko maexplain ang hiwaga ni Kuya. Pero I’m attracted to men who has a stronger personality than I am. Yung tipong kaya nya akong dalhin at siya yung magdadala sa relationship nyo. So medyo na head over heels na ako agad kay Kuya. Tawagin nalang natin sya na Kuya Honey. Because he is sweet but not too sweet for me —— saktong tamis! (*Kilig! hihihi) 

Unfortunately, I had to end our conversation because I still need to prepare for my flight that day. I have an out of town commitment and I haven’t packed anything yet. So with much regrets, I told him that I’ll catch him some other time. Nakakatuwa lang siya kase nga ang sarap niya kausap. You know the feeling that you’ve known the person for so long even if you just met the person? Ganon yung feeling ko sa kanya. And I really admire his disposition in life and how stable he is in his finances. “PAPA” material talaga ang peg — Siya yung lalaking ready na talaga! (*Kilig to the bones! hihihi)


I started preparing and when I was done, I got into my car and headed to the airport. I still can’t help thinking of Kuya Honey. He really caught my attention. So far among all the ones I have talked to and had exchange of messages with, siya lang yung mas engaged ako. I like everything about him, his humor, how he talk… basta lahat! And just as I was thinking of him, I got a message notification from Kuya Honey. The message goes, ” Hi (my tinder name), I miss you already. Hope to talk to you soon.”  Nakakakilig! So ako naman dalidali sa pagreply, keber na mahuli ni manong MMDA. I told him I am driving going to the airport. He asked if he can call and I thought, teka, video call nalang kaya para makita ko din feslak ni Kuya. Baka naman naiinlove na ko kay Kuya Honey tapos ma – expectation vs reality naman ako. So I suggested to him that instead of call, we’ll do a video call. He agreed naman.

So ayun, my phone was ringing… incoming video call… Grabe naman, nakakakaba pala eto noh kapag dimo kilala talaga yung kavideo call mo….. Nevertheless, I tapped the call button to answer the call.

My heart almost stopped when I saw him.

Ohhh boy…. here we go again….

I’m in L❤️ve! – Tindering @40 The Saga continues…

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