Exactly 5 years passed when a strange thing occurred.

Despite of adequate care, the flowers in the Palace garden started to wither. “Truly there must be something wrong!” ,the gardener said. When the royal servants heard this, they went to check the Princess. They were all in shocked as they saw the Princess looking pale. She looked as if her life was withered away as the flowers in the garden were. And the more flowers die, the more pale the Princess become. Everyone was worried that they might lose the life of the Princess soon if the Prince will still not be found.

While everyone was busy looking for ways to save the Princess, a handsome man came to the Palace gate. The guards ask him the cause of his visit. He said, he has a message from Prince Leo and that he had travelled so far just to be there. He was instructed to give the message only to the Princess. With this, the guards, opened the gates and escorted the man to the Princess room.

The palace servants was sitting beside the bed of the Princess. Most of them were crying as the Princess lay in her bed looking very pale. As the man entered the room, all of the servants became quiet and looked at the man as he walked closer to the Princess’ bed. They were all bewildered who the man was, until he spoke to them saying, ” I am Prince Harold. I met Prince Leo when I was on my quest to find my lost treasure when our ship was caught in a great storm. Prince Leo was very ill that time. But before his life left him, we shared many moments together and he told me about your kingdom and his great sorrow in leaving the Princess. I came here because of my promise that I will find his Princess and give what he wants to give her all this time. “

After he said those words, he stepped closer to the Princess. He looked at her as if he knows the Princess for a long time. He brushed her hair on the side as he leaned closer to kiss her lips. After that moment, the Princess seems to have gained her color back. Her cheeks started to be pinkish and her lips red as the roses in the garden.

Everyone was amazed of what happened. There was a complete silence in the room. Suddenly, there was a sound.  It was like someone just yawned.  Oh it was Princess Amy! And she was finally awake! It was a glorious day indeed! Everyone was jumping for joy.

And for the first time, Princess Amy rose from her bed. She walked towards Prince Harold, and said, “Is it really you? I saw you in my dreams and you’re here. ” And Prince Harold said,  “my Princess, I am here because I made a promise to Prince Leo. He made me promise to find you and tell everyone about his death. He also said that if I see you and fell in love with you then I should kiss you without having any thoughts. And when I came to see you, I couldn’t believe what I saw. You were the Princess in my dreams. And even you only existed there,  my heart was with you. So without any hesitation, I kissed you because I’m in love with you. ” “Oh Prince Harold! I knew about you. I saw  Prince Leo in my dreams and told me everything. It took awhile to accept that he was truly leaving me. But I saw you in my dreams, and you were always there for me. I know my life will be colorful again with you. I love you Prince Harold!

With that, Prince Harold asked Princess Amy to marry him. Right away the Princess said yes and they got married the following day.  There was a big feast for everyone and all was happy. They both lived in the Palace and was proclaimed as the new King and Queen.

It was indeed a glorious sight! Soon the new King and Queen build a bridge to King  Harold’s kingdom in the west. That made the two kingdom unite and became stronger than anyone in the land.

They build their family with love as its core that made them survive many storms.


” Just when you finally lost your hope, the right one will come. So never give up! True love exists for those who believe; it can never be forced, but it will arrive on it’s due time. “


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