Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Amy. She was so beautiful and intelligent. She acts as the Queen of their land since the Queen had died when she was still young and the King had gone ill since then.

This dreadful event did not stop the Princess on making their kingdom grow and become the most richest kingdom known among their land. And because of that, everybody loved and admired her.  People often look upon her as a strong willed Princess and that they always seek for her support.

Everywhere the Princess go, people would follow. But it wasn’t only the people that follow her but also the eyes of many. And this had brought the Princess to be always on guard of her actions.

But her life wasn’t all about the Kingdom. Everytime Princess Amy is alone, she would rush inside her room and write love letters to her Prince. Yes! She was madly in love with Prince Leo of the southern Kingdom. They we’re inlove!

They would always write love letters to each other and secretly meet every night when everyone in the Kingdom is asleep. And when they are together, they are the happiest! All they do is laugh and do crazy things that a royalty shouldn’t do. Like jumping of the bed, rolling in the mud and eating using bare hands. You can smell love is in air when they are together.

Despite how happy they were, the Prince thought that Princess Amy’s love is not enough. And no matter how much he loves her, he felt that he needed to prove himself worthy of the Princess’ hand.  He thinks that the only way he can be worthy is if he can achieve the same success as the Princess had to her kingdom.

This brought troublesome to the young couple. Prince Leo began to be so much busy and focused with his kingdom and started to lose his grip to the very the reason for his hardwork — Princess Amy.  Less and less letters were sent from Prince Leo. Even date nights were no longer happening.

While the Princess on the other hand,  patiently wait, sadness cannot be denied in her eyes. She worries that it will not be long before the Prince will forget her.

Time came that drought came upon both kingdom. But since Princess Amy’s kingdom was rich in resources they were able to store supplies for everyone just enough until the drought will past. But the Prince’s kingdom was in trouble, and he had to go on a voyage to search for resources their kingdom need. The Prince left one night without saying goodbye to the Princess.

Because of this, Princess Amy grew sad as the days passed by that the Prince had not returned. She would always go by her window and stare outside hoping the Prince will be there.

Days passed, then months. Still the Prince had not returned.

The drought was finally over and everyone celebrated as they went back to work on the field.

But sad news came to everyone when they heard what happened to the Princess.

Princess Amy had fallen in a deep sleep! It was said, that the Princess called upon her fairy godmother to help her stop the pain she was going through as she waits for her Prince to be come back. She just couldn’t bear to wake up not seeing her Prince. And with great compassion, her fairy godmother grant her wish and put her in a deep sleep.

She can only wake up when kissed by her one true love.

And from that then on, everyone including Southern Kingdom, mourned.  They arranged a search party to find Prince Leo so he can kiss the Princess. They have searched everywhere but the Prince was never found.

Years passed by, the Princess still lays on her bed. Sleeping peacefully; waiting to be kissed by her one true love….

To be continued…

Once upon a time….continuation

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