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What is MB – Metabolism Booster?

  • These are combination of different pharmaceutical products which helps fast track the reset of your metabolism rate. This is intended for Athletes who have stop their training and wants to get back fast in their previous body condition.


Can a non-previous athlete take this?

  • Yes! But you must not have any heart problems, high-blood pressure or any health conditions that requires maintenance of prescribed medicine. Otherwise, it is best not for you to take this.


What’s the Effect of MB in my body if I take this and how long?

  • The program depends on the need of each individual. Some may need 1-2 weeks program while others can have as much as 3 months.
  • The effect of MB is that it triples the effect any activities done by your body. Example, your walking is equivalent of sprinting when you take MB. Therefore, you will experience excessive sweating for small amount of effort done by your body. MB also helps you to be discipline in eating the right food for you. You will feel that you no longer crave for unhealthy food but rather crave for fruits, vegetable, fish and enough amount of rice. You will also experience that your body longs for drinking lots of water,  which is quite good for you. Pooping regularly will no longer be a problem with MB because you are sure to go the next morning. You’ll also experience excessive “peeing” since MB is removing excess water content and toxics in your body.
  • With these changes your body is conditioned again to function correctly. So it’s like building the habit of your bodily function. So it is GUARANTEED that your first week program will definitely bring your weight down.

Does it have a rebound?

  • Absolutely NONE.

What’s the max period I can take this?

  • 3 months, then rest for 1 month before taking it again

Do I need to skip meals?

  • Absolutely NO! It is best recommended that you NEVER SKIP any of the 3 major meals of the day.

Can I still eat snacks?

  • YES! You can eat as many as 5 times a day but in moderation.

Can I take my vitamins together with MB?

  • Absolutely YES! It is better to take it with your vitamins because the better your body can absorbed your supplements.


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