2018 has taught me so much and I would say it was the year of closing chapters and discovering new path for me. I did a major self-renovation! I had a hard thought on what would really make me satisfied and happy. And along with this process of “self-renovation” came the discovery of many things.

I just realized my great passion in teaching, writing, financial literacy and digital marketing. Although, I have been doing it for a long time, it was only in 2018 when I realize that the only work that brings smile on my face is when I do these things! And proudly, based on my own metrics, I am awesome in doing those! haha

Last year, I started a blog site and wrote all my little adventures and random thoughts. It was a bit absurd so I didn’t put my true identity as I don’t want people to judge me. And surprisingly, I got so many people liking it! In a span of 1 month, I got more than 1,000 likes in my FB Page without marketing efforts. I also received a lot of messages coming from people I don’t know who just happened to came across my page and saw the blog posts from my website. They were sharing their stories to me, most are tragic and some were success stories. I then realized that people can relate to the contents I write. They were literally enjoying it. Well some of my friends whom I have shared the blog also did say the same comments and somehow bug me everytime I misses writing the continuation of my article — talking about “atat” friends, yes, I have a lot! haha . Unfortunately, due to my hospitalization and the holiday season, I didn’t had the time to write as I used to. Well, I couldn’t leave it just like that so I still try to write whenever I can. Then one of my client asked me if I had a website of sort. So I shared my blog site to him. And he asked me, what use do I have for my blog site? And so I said, I just did it for social experimentation, but the truth is, I really don’t have much of a use to it apart from making it like my channel to air out my thoughts and stories that I am too shy to share! So there! It hit me! And now, I thought to myself, if I am going to continue this, why not make it more meaningful this time?

Now I finally had the courage to reveal this to you! Yes, I am the author of “So this is 40” and all the blog posts related to that. I still kept all my past articles so you will still see it in my website, though I had to change my FB Page so it won’t create confusion.

So why did I finally opened the curtain? We’ll I want people to know who I really am without sugar coating, without any mask. I want people to relate to me as ME and not just some persona who seems to be fearless just because she has her face hidden. I want people to know that I am indeed a real person and not just a make believe!

So this is me, just an ordinary person doing ordinary things extraordinarily!

Loving the Beach Life




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