He looked at me as if he was about to cry… I AM CONFUSED.

I didn’t know how to feel seeing him like that — Have I done something that offended him? Or did I reminded him of someone very close? Gosshhh, why is he so emotional? I just couldn’t figure it out. Then finally he was able to compose himself and said something.

Kuya Tinder 2:  ” Well, I am just glad I met someone like you. It’s been a difficult journey for me finding someone who can bring back the spark in my life. Honestly, for 4 years it’s only been me. Kaya nga ayoko magpost ng selfie, laging groufie lang kase nga it just reminds me of how sad my life is. Imagine going to work early and going home late, then ako lang mag isa kakain. If I want to go out naman on weekends, most of my friends are busy with their own families. So it’s just only me. Nood ng sine, mag-isa, ganyan. Ang lungkot. I have tried dating other women, mostly referred by my friends and officemates pero wala eh, diko masakyan yung mga babae na nirereto saken. Tapos there was this Belgium girl I met, ok naman, naging kami for sometime pero umalis din sya and she said she’s not into LDR so we broke up. Hayst, malungkot. In my desperation, I used Tinder in hopes to meet someone pero most people I’ve met there, kung hindi bading, bata naman na parang peperahan ka lang. And here you are — so beautiful and amazing. Talking and being with you for an hour is enough for me to fall for you. You seems to be so mature — a strong woman who knows what she wants in life and will not be taken aback no matter what life brings — and I’m just sooo comfortable talking to you. It’s like your my home.   I’m thankful that you liked me back and responded to my message. It’s like an answered prayer.  I am just happy. I can’t explain it pero I know na gusto kita and I hope you will give me a chance to know you better.  I’m sorry if I am too forward. I just don’t want to end this night without letting you know how I feel. “

Me: “Ahhhhh, ok. ” Sabay smile.

Ano ba ito si Kuya Tinder 2, parang napakasaklap naman ng buhay. I can really feel him when he was saying those words.  I felt the sadness in his life.  I tried comforting him din by telling him not to depend his happiness on other people kase talagang depressing yun, I know how that feels kase ganon din naramdaman ko noon nung naghiwalay kami ng ex ko so I can relate.

Finally, our food arrived. We ate, had few drinks and laughed the whole evening while we exchanged life stories. Napansin ko lang nung medyo at ease na si Kuya Tinder 2, parang iba na sya magsalita at yung hand gestures nya ha, may pilantik. Hmmmm… ok, medyo kakaiba. I tried brushing off my observation with the thought na baka naman lumalabas lang pagiging “judger” ko. May tendency kase ako na ganon kapag first meetings.

The restaurant was about to close when we realized na kami nalang pala yung nandun at parang pinapaalis na kami ng mga waiters. So ayun, we billed out and headed back to his car. Kung anong halay ni Kuya Babes, sya namang pagkagentleman ni Kuya Tinder 2. I felt like a queen that time. He escorted me but he was too careful to touch me.That made me like him even more. Then finally, we arrived in his car. We both hopped in and took off.

While on the car, he kept on sharing his life story. Napansin ko lang, iba na talaga sya magsalita. Malande na yung datingan. May nalalaman pang “CHAROT” , “ANG PEG” , ” GO GURL! ” at “KEBS “. Demnnnnnn! Nakakaturn off naman tong si Kuya Tinder 2! Ok na eh, kaso parang mas bading pa saken mag salita. Ano ba yan!??? The way he articulate his stories sounded like my gay friends. SADDDDDDD!!!! I felt like someone abducted Kuya Tinder 2 and replaced him with this copycat. GOSSHHHH…. I was really turned off, that the next few minutes became so lame for me. All his words began to sound blah…blah…blah….blah…blah… (like how Dracula would say it).

Thank God my misery was about to end….I can see my dorm! Wuhoooo! He parked infront, went down and opened my door — wow, gentleman!  As I step out of his car, I bid him goodbye. Days past and we still communicated via viber. Because infairness naman kay Kuya Tinder 2, he is really nice. Hindi ko lang talaga bet sya. He is too girly for me.

I choose not to go out with him again and just continued my adventure in Tinder.

Oh boy! – Tindering @40 The Saga continues…

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