Have you ever thought about it?

Or are you the type of person who just can’t say no?

Everything has the right timing, you can’t just say yes when is should have been no nor no if its really a yes!

When we were still young, it was just too easy to say yes or no. Everything was just based on how we feel that moment we were asked. But as we age, everything seems to be difficult. There’s just too many things that needs to be considered. And the longer you make decisions in life, the more it has become a burden. You may just think that  “adulting”  is just becoming a pain rather than feeling of empowerment in taking charge of your life. 

Well yes, that can be the case most of the time when you got into the “Decision Trap”.

But if you know these few pointers, your life can be a lot easier. Know when is the best to say Yes!

  1. When an opportunity comes, decide right away like a kid would do when asked if he likes to have the candy or not. No holding back! Remember opportunity rarely knock twice!
  2. If it’s the first thing that hits your head when asked, then say it! Normally the first thing that comes in our head is usually what we really want. So go it!
  3. If you are really bothered by it and it just keeps on popping in your head, then there’s no way but go for it! Say it loud and clear, YES!
  4. Lastly, anything for love should be a YES!



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