This is the question I had when I was at the verge of finding what it is that I needed to do with my life — I was financially well but with a broken heart and a starving spirit. Most of my life was spent in striving to become a billionaire.
My very goal was to retire comfortably and be financially secured. I could imagine myself with my family travelling the whole world just spending all these money I have put up.
But then it crossed my mind, after that, then what? Something I never thought of.
Many of us think that our life only evolves with our work, family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, partners, kids, travels, comfort, needs, pets, hobbies, memberships, organizations, positions and reputation.
But are these all that it is?
Have you ever ask yourself after achieving success to these, then what?
What is that thing that would make you wake up each morning without the heaviness in your body?
What is it that would make you smile even if failures come?
What is it that motivates you to do great things even if you know that you wouldn’t get any financial gain?
What is the very reason you are alive now and reading this?
Until you know the answers to these, you will continue to thrive for nothing.
I know because I used to be that person. Life is not a life until you have that “one ingredient”.
This is unique to each person and one must seek inorder to find.
So my advice for you is to begin now while there is time.

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