Continuation…. part 1

This is it! Got the reply I have been waiting! Gaddd, I’m just dying to open the message! But since I got the prompt while I was driving, I had to find a good timing to park my car at the side of the street just to check the message (syempre pa kelangan focus ako, alam mo na baka mahaba yung reply nya! hahaha). So eto na, I found a spot where I can park. And just when I was about to open the message, someone called my phone! Leche naman oh, eto na eh, hu! So I was on the phone for about 30 minutes. Conversation ended. And now for the BIG REVEAL!  Wuhooo, no more distraction … opening the app,  message loading … then my phone died. 😐

Panic mode: Ohhh my gadddd!   Waaaaahhhh! why o why?

I checked for my powerbank in the bag, waley … checked for the cable so I can plug it in my car, waley pa din. Hay nako! Kainis! Inabot nako ng 1 hour in the side of the street! With no luck in opening my phone, I drove off. So about 2 hours of driving, I was finally home. And as usual, I had to prepare for dinner, do the laundry (putting all the dirty clothes in the washer and let it run), make chikka to my kids and my dora friends.

By the way, I think I forgot to mention that although I’m 40, I am SINGLE? Yes, I am NOT married to anyone nor have been! And I know you “judger” thinks, “lande ni atey”  pero ang hindi nyo alam eh, may “K” naman talaga akong maglande! Syempre I am still yearning to find my “forever”.  So lande pa more! Ika nga, the more chances of winning! FTW! hahaha

So about 11:30 pm I was done with all my eklabo, and finally had a quiet time for myself. I remembered checking the message of that PBA guy I told you about.  And to my surprise … I read his message, it was very brief and direct to the point. It says, “Ok”. 😳


Breaking Point! – Tindering @40 The saga continues…

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