Surprised?! hahaha Yes! Believe it  or not…. I have done this and still doing it! (shhhhh, that’s our little secret!). The truth is, it’s amusing, entertaining and flattering. My matches are just raining men! hahaha. I have so many, as in many matches! Almost all the guys I liked, liked me back too! And guess what? I got matched with a PBA Player pa! (but of course I will not disclose his name, so wag nyo nakong pilitin haha).  And not just matched, he was the first one to message me! I just responded to him 2 weeks later pa, grabe na! (haba ng hair ko noh?!) wahahaha! Actually I learned about his background a bit late when I was reviewing the profile of my matches.  He had his instagram connected to his profile and when I checked it, my eyes were rolling! I couldn’t believe it!

And I thought, “So ganon ako kaganda? Hindi kaya nagkamali si koya?”.  Alam mo yun, so I was reluctant to respond to his message. So after two weeks I just realized … “Teka, minessage nga ako eh, diba? So hindi sya nagkamali!” …  then that’s the time I responded to his message.  Of course I responded in english (pa sosyal effect kuno), but never the less I made an excuse that I wasn’t online in the app most of the time (kahit lagi akong nagtitinder at medyo madami na rin akong nameet hahaha) and took that opportunity to give him my viber number (hehe pasimple lang na diskarte).

That day passed without any respond from him. Sabi ko, “mukhang wala na si Koya 🙁 . Nalungkot naman ako (sayang naman, ulam na naging bato pa!) But to my surprise, on the 3rd day of sending my message I got a respond from him!  Omgeee!!!! My heart was pounding when I saw that notification from the app! This is it!


Tindering @ 40 – continuation …

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