“Do what you love to do and be awesome doing it”  – I’ve heard this before but it was only that moment when I understood the true meaning of it….

Such a beautiful statement – “Doing what you love and just be awesome doing it”.  Yes! I guess it’s the ultimate dream of everyone to do what they are passionate about and just live day by day doing it. But the question is, “What does it really take to do this and live the dream?” Some say it’s easy, some say it’s hard. But what’s the truth to this? I guess all of us who walked in this path has different opinion and experiences in going there.  But despite these differences, I can say that the story in the end is just the same — everyone who walked in that path found fulfillment and purpose in what they do.

In my experience, I found my journey to be like in a constant tug-of-war until the other end finally let go.  It wasn’t easy but it was possible.

Here, let me share to you few things I have learned in my journey. I hope this would help you should you decide to follow this path.

  1. “Doing what you love to do and being awesome doing it” means letting go of anything that gives you burden. That means, letting go of stressful work regardless of the amount of income you get from it. It also means you need to revisit the kind of work you are happy doing. The kind of work you do that gives joy to your heart even if there’s no financial gain. Once you have realized that, then you’re on to the next step.
  2. Be with people who can support your journey. This means, distance should never be a concern. You need to intentionally be with these people because they will be your helpers and support at the time you feel like giving up. They are like your cold refreshment in the middle of the desert. You will know who these people are because they themselves are travelling in the same path you are going to.
  3. You will lose many things — your finances, your position, your glamour, and some of your possessions. Yes, you should be emotionally and mentally prepared for this. There will be so many hardships at the start. Especially when you are transitioning from what you are used to going to the “uncomfortable zone”. But remember this, that despite these losses you will surely gain far greater than what you have lost, you will gain Wisdom! This will be your guiding light to the path you will tread. Soon, you will realize, that the things you lost was not really a loss, but baggages that you have been carrying for too long. Baggages that has been making you suffer. And as you lose these things, your journey becomes lighter.
  4. You will breakdown and stop many times. Yes, these things happen. Just like an old car engine not fully warmed up during a cold weather may likely to breakdown many times. And stopping for awhile can bring good. Just never stop too long or it will be a lot harder to continue. Remember that even you are at “stop” your engine should still be “on” so it will keep the engine all warmed up ready to roll back on the road.
  5. You will doubt yourself many times. This is true! But when doubt arise, it is the time that you need to trust yourself more because it is that moment that success is just too near. Have faith in yourself.
  6. Frustration becomes norm. Just remember that as frustration is always present, and so is HOPE. Just keep on thriving.
  7. Everything doesn’t happen overnight, it all goes through a process. So be patient and be resilient at all times.
  8. Focus on the greater good. Your success means nothing when this is just a self-centered success. There’s no satisfaction to this.
  9. Love should be above all things. Once you are doing this, then let me say “Congratulations!” because you have arrived!

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