Two weeks ago we held the biggest event of our Foundation. As the head of the organizing team, I would say our success rate was 50% knowing that a lot of people was blessed by that event and was looking forward for Part 2. However the other 50% was a failure because part of our objective was to raise funds for the projects of the Foundation. But instead of gaining, we ended up negative and was left with loans.  There was also an incident were 3 participants who won protested for not receiving cash prize, haaaaayst! Though we didn’t advertise such!

Anyways, I would say it was a happy yet tiring, confusing, depressing, exhausting and humbling experience for me. So should I do this again? I would say, a big ” YES! ”  Why? well despite of much struggle and failures, I grew wiser and better. These things have taught me the true essence beyond success.

So what is important? What’s important is to know that in life we will both experience success and failure. But failure doesn’t mean you are defeated. It is just part of the learning cycle. It’s like a break from success so you can learn to become better version of yourself  like an axe being sharpened so it can cut trees faster next time. Yes, sometimes it is damaging, painful, and overwhelming. But these will make you shine brighter and be formed better in serving your purpose.

Remember that failure is not the “END” , but it is the fertilizer to our growth as we fully mature in our faith to Christ Jesus.

Glory be to God, to  whom all blessing flow!


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