Confused? Feeling lost? That’s alright! Most of us go through this stage where we don’t know what to do. It seems that everything doesn’t feel right! Then we start questioning ourselves, are we doing the right thing? Is this really what I want for my life? Then we start to let go of things that we are used to — like our job, our hobby or sports;  and then we withdraw ourselves from people we are familiar with and started to embrace new things, new people, thinking that we can find satisfaction with those.

So many thoughts go to our head, thoughts that makes us excited and motivated for awhile and thoughts that would discourage us to continue — its just going round and round in circles. And suddenly we find ourselves at the bottom with nothing, wasted, and more confused than before.

One of the best advice by far that I have encountered in overcoming this is from Jack Ma. I love the way he gave his advice. I think it is better that you hear it from him first hand to understand what I am telling you about.

Here’s the video of Jack Ma giving advice:

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