I remembered posting about this late last year. This is a phenomenon that most people do not understand. I know it for sure, because I was one of those people who experienced this. Luckily, I was able to breakthough it. Going through this phase of my life helped me understand “myself” better and enabled to me to make decisions that matter most.

So here’s the article I wrote last year:

What the “f” is Mid-life crisis?!!! Does it really exist????? Or is this just an excuse for feeling confused???

Well, unfortunately, yes! It is REAL! As wikipedia defines it; A midlife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45–64 years old. But recent study shows that it can occur as early as 20 to 30 years of age!

I got an interest on this when I started noticing some changes on me. I tried giving myself  some space and have withdrawn myself from my usual “go-getter” mode to have a better grip of what’s happening. I was feeling abit lost. I just can’t understand why despite the opportunities and accomplishments I have had, I feel that there is still lacking. Then it hit me —- Mid-life crisis!

So I did my little research and saw some pretty interesting facts about it. It really does exist! And what I found out was exactly what I was feeling and going through! I was like reading my own diary.  And what really struck me is that, this phase in our life can make or break our future if we will not be able to overcome it.

So how do you know exactly if you have been hit by this? Just like a disease, there are symptoms. And these are those: 

(Reference: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2017/08/31/15-signs-youve-hit-your-mid-life-crisis-and-what-to-do-about-it/#3a578b22573c)

1. You’re Apathetic

You feel “blah” about everything on an ongoing basis.

2. You Dread Getting Out Of Bed

When you find yourself asking why, wondering how you got here, or not wanting to get out of bed, it’s a sure sign change needs to be in your future. Many mid-life crises showcase spectacular splurges such as a new car. While this might temporarily placate, it’s not the answer.

3. You’re Debating, But Not Taking Action

If you find yourself debating which next step to take to improve your personal and professional life more than you are exploring them, it is time to change your behavior.

4. Your Life Is On Autopilot

Catching yourself feeling like you’re running on autopilot with no goal.

5. You’ve Lost Your Purpose

You feel like there is no purpose to your life, or there is a bigger purpose than what your day-to-day life currently offers. The pursuit of finding a purpose can be downward spiraling in itself.

6. Your Plan Isn’t Working Anymore

A telltale sign you’re experiencing a mid-life crisis is that your plans just don’t work anymore. Everything you’ve established for yourself, your job, your normal routine, now feels stagnant, even stifling.

7. Making Big Changes That Aren’t ‘You’

Making out-of-character life changes could be a sign of mid-life crisis.

8. You’re Jealous Of Others

When you find yourself spending more time analyzing other people’s past than thinking about your future.

9. You’re Worried You Already Know The Ending

You have a growing sense that that you’ve seen this movie too many times already.

10. You’re Willing To Walk Away From Your ‘Success’

All it takes is an epiphany to cause one to realize that life is short and tomorrow is not promised. As a result, those encountering a mid-life crisis can easily walk away from a career deemed successful by society, in an effort to pursue passion and live out their dreams.

11. Everything Feels Like A Chore

We get to a point in our lives where we are known for what we do (a strength) and people rely on us to do it (a need), and we have been consistently rewarded for that combo.

12. You’re Successful, But Not Satisfied

When life and work aren’t working, check in with your strengths and values. Often that feeling of, “Is this all there is?” occurs when we drift off center. You may be successful but not satisfied, and that could indicate it’s time for a change.

13. You’re No Longer Playing To Win, But Playing To Not Lose

This could be a sign that you lost that edge you once had. You are making decisions based on fear, not from certainty.

14. You’re Overwhelmed By The Ticking Clock

As the years roll by, sometimes we are overwhelmed by the time we have left to live out our dreams and create our best life. This often results in the burning desire to “buy the car!” or “sell the house!”

15. You’re Confused And Unclear On Your Direction

Feeling confused can mean that you are no longer satisfied with what you are now doing or where you are.

man with facial expression at picture taking

So if you are feeling those, then maybe you have just been hit!

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